Leasing & Sales

One of the benefits of playing at VIPolo is that you may lease horses per game to play in the leagues until you decide if or when you would like to purchase your own polo ponies. VIPolo will be happy to facilitate finding appropriate horses for you to lease. It is often heard that the polo pony is 85% of the game. VIPolo wants you to be comfortable on the horses you play so we are always happy to try to provide your favorite horse for your games.


Please contact Juan Ghirlanda for details juanghirlanda@lapicazacompany.com or 305-490-7227

Please Note
Shipping and groom fees will apply to games played at other clubs or events off premises.

Non-member charges will be applied to leases per chukker.

Cancellation Policy
Please review Payment and Cancellation Policies VIPOLO POLICIES


Polo ponies and general riding horses are available at VIPolo. If we don’t have the right one on site then we can help you find a suitable horse to build your string. Most players owe their enjoyment of the sport to the reliable performance of their mounts. Finding the right horse for each individual is as important to us as it is to the client.

For Leasing & Sales please Contact Us.

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