Board at VIPolo and make use of track, stick and ball field and tacking up at games or let your horse relax over the winter in large grass rich fields.

Polo Board

May – September $900 per month per horse

Includes bringing horses in to barn, getting fit at beginning of season, tacking up for daily riding and games. All horses are turned out every night allowing them to walk and graze as they are intended to do.  Not many polo clubs have the luxury of such large fields with abundant grass.

Field Board

Year round $250 per month per horse; plus additional cost of vet, farrier, winter hay, salt supplements, deworming

May – September owner is responsible for any care taking, tacking up for games, coordinating vet/farrier etc.  Or $400 / month if you bring your own horse into tie area in barn.  October through April off-season turn out.  Large fields with excellent supervision.

For Boarding please Contact Us.

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