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Another advantage to playing at Virginia International Polo Club is the variety of leagues available to join. You can start at 4 Goal level which will allow you to get your feet wet and have a pro on your team helping you learn the game. You may choose to put together a team with all amateurs. Or you may want to share a higher handicap team with another member to challenge yourself. There are many options!

Please review Payment and Cancellation Policies VIPOLO POLICIES


  • 0 – 4 Goal; 4 chukkars 1 game per week (pros don’t score or take penalties 2,3,4)
  • 8  Goal; 6 chukkars 1 game per week open to 6-10 goal teams USPA Sanctioned
  • Practice League; 1 practice/week, in arena if rain, 2nd practice if possible not guaranteed
  • USPA WCT Flight A 12-16  Goal Flight B 8-10 Goal

General Schedule

  • Saturday; 0-4 Goal
  • Sunday & Weekdays; 8 Goal 6 chukkars USPA Sanctioned range 6-10 goals
  • Practice; Tuesdays
  • USPA WCT August 10-13, 2017

Fees 2017

  • 4 Goal 4 chukkars $3,500 per player for entire season*
  • 8 Goal 6 chukkars $4,500 per player for entire season USPA Sanctioned range 6-10 goals*
  • Practice $3,000 per player for entire season*
  • USPA WCT 8-10  $1,000/team; 12-16 $1,200/team
  • Entering tournaments individually will be charged at higher rate per tournament versus commitment to full season

All players must be a current USPA member

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