Polo Leagues in Virginia

Another advantage to playing at Virginia International Polo Club is the variety of leagues available to join. You can start at 4 Goal level which will allow you…
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Polo Services in Virginia

VIPolo is an all inclusive polo club offering everything from polo school to league matches at every level, so there is polo for every…
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Rosters and Results

Stay up-to-date with all of the latest stats and scores for our various leagues and teams at Virginia International Polo Club. See you on the field!
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Polo is a wonderful way to socialize, de-stress, stay fit and enjoy the beautiful countryside.

Not only is the sport addictive but the membership is of such diverse backgrounds you will find your social network bursting with even more interesting people. It is an international community that you can be involved in at the local level.

Virginia International Polo Club is well known in the area for organizing quality polo. Our main focus is to provide as much polo as possible for as many people as possible; polo that will be fun, competitive and instructional.

Please review Payment and Cancellation PoliciesĀ VIPOLO POLICIES

Winston Churchill’s famous comment is as true today as it was in his era, “a polo handicap is a passport to the world”.

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