VIPolo is grateful for the support of its members both new and long term:

“Wine..women and polo  was the best polo experience  of my career.  Learning strategy then implementing them immediately  is a great way to learn. You guys are paragon, THANKS for being so ace and whipping me into a competent player!  ”
Kathy I., 2015.
“Congratulations on pulling together an amazing first NYTS game which really showed off some of the future stars of the game. It was a joy to watch and made us all proud of what is being created at the youth level and thanks to [VIPolo’s] commitment and wonderful facility – we can enjoy an amazing sport. The trick is to get more kids in this area up to that level. It certainly takes a community! You should be proud of enveloping the community.”
Cynthia B., 2013.
“You guys are paragon, THANKS for being so ace and whipping me into a competent player!  ”
Omer R., 2013.
“I’m back now in my second year of lessons striving for certain goals. VIPOLO is very impressive with how they apply key techniques/strategies in the teaching realm to individual students with diverse backgrounds and capabilities. Your professionalism is awesome. The instructor(s) made me feel I was getting a direct personal lesson even though I was in a class of students.  VIPOLO is the only operation for me….Thanks! ”
Bruce H., 2013.
“Participating in both the Polo School and Leagues was an incredible experience. I most of all appreciate the professionalism, interest and care you both put into working with the new students such as myself”
“From start to finish is a pleasure and that is due in a very large part to the welcoming relaxed climate you have created”
“I was impressed with fields, diversity of pros & players, organization… “
“I would once again like to thank you for the opportunity of last summer. It was a great experience, I learned a lot and had a lot of fun. The experience left me with the realization of how far I want to go in polo as well as the hard work and dedication it will require.”
“THANK YOU – the entire season and summer for our daughter and our family was made much more enjoyable and fulfilling because of her involvement with VIP. We remain grateful to both of you, the grooms and the guys…”
“Thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU! For your help tonight! I couldn’t hit at all and that simple change made all the difference. I hit better tonight than I ever had. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me.”
“I had so much fun playing with you on Saturday and Sunday. You are such a patient teacher!… I know you and your guys are working very hard and we are very thankful to have found your operation.”


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